logo 8 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2103, Chicago, IL 60603

Located in the iconic gothic Willoughby Tower on Michigan Avenue and across the famous Chicago Millennium Park, the Millennium Fine Art Gallery specializes in exhibiting art work from local and international artists.

What makes us different from any other gallery is that at our art receptions, art-lovers can enjoy visual and performing art simultaneously.

Under the name of Dr. Ayubi's Gallery 310, the gallery’s inaugural exhibition was in 2008 at the Chicago Fine Arts Building. In June of 2012, we moved our gallery to a prime location at 8 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2103, which is in the heart of the Chicago business and cultural district.

At the Millennium Fine Art Gallery, we host social gatherings such as the Millennium Professional Network events, the United Nations Association meetings and various corporate and private receptions. These social functions attract a large number of art-lovers to our gallery. We also attract foreign and US tourists to Chicago since one of our missions is to contribute to the promotion of this world-class city full of cultural life.

We proudly offer works from emerging and mid-carrer national and international artists. We also lease art work to companies and private individuals.

We welcome new painters, photographer, jewelers and other visual artists to exhibit at the Millennium Fine Art Gallery. We encourage artists, art collectors and art-lovers to contact us.
dr_ayubiDr. Ayubi is the owner and curator of the Millennium Fine Art Gallery. She is also an abstract painter and a performing artist. Her art opening receptions are famous in Chicago because of the integration of visual and performing arts, her global perspective, and the ambiance she creates for art collectors and gallery visitors to network. In fact, art has always been a center of her interdisciplinary nature. With a triple doctorate in Social Science from the University of Wisconsin and post-doctorate studies from Harvard University, she has incorporated art in her professions as college professor/administrator, global communications consultant, television producer/reporter, and business and social network developer. She feels that all these disciplines are art and science at the same time.